Wide variety indeed.

From "Folkie" to Jazz Artists, Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Reggae, and Artists I care not to pigeon-hole.

Fave Raves

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For wide music categories. Each goes to a links page where I list people I've heard in person. Then, there will be artists like Leonard Cohen, whom I've not heard/seen in life performance. I'll list both a link back to his page in my FAVES feature where there are TAB/CHORD/LYRICS links for the songs of his I perform, plus, as often as possible, video links to my short list of his work I like...I shall try to keep that between 10 & 12. With people who use "rock" band arrangements but are basically SOLOS, like the following artists, I will consider them singer/songwriters, even though they often tour with bands.

Bruce Cockburn

Canada Can BE Proud Of Him!

Leonard Cohen

Bob Dylan

The KID from Hibbing, MN - The Dyl~styr

Richie Havens

(But of Course!)

Tom Lehrer

Inimitable - who COULD copy him?

John Prine

Leon Russell

Stranger in a Strange Land?
Listen to Leon sing the song!

Neil Young

(I do not try to sound like him! I simply sing his songs!!)