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A night With PHIL OCHS

The particular date that Folk Singer/SongWriter Phil Ochs had a concert on WNET-13 in NYC slips my mind...a little research of his shows by someone academic would most likely turn up the date. I was attending Seton Hall University in south Orange, New Jersey at the time. Since I was associated with a radio show conducted for 2 hours every Friday Night, I found out from the DJ for the program that Ochs management had contacted him, informing us they had an estimate that we were reaching an audience 200,000+ regular listeners. It was quite a heady experience for a lad from a small northern New Jersey town. We were granted the privilege of being part of the live audience for the show, which was taped ahead of the telecast, I was actually able to experience both the live concert, how it was taped, and then see the result back at my dormitory.

First the music, then the questions

A question & answer session had been reserved for the last 15 minutes of the hour. Most of the audience were asking teen-magazine fan type questions...nothing meaty that he could expand upon! I saw that Ochs was getting nervous. By nature, I am somewhat shy, and so I waited until I mustered enough MOXY to do a 2 part question. I first simply said I wanted to make a comment about Och's song CRUCIFIXION...which seemed be about much more than one particular story of an itinerant miracle worker from Galilee 2000 years back...Ochs had succeeded in casting in a lyric the process by which a society raises someone up, only to pull him down...I think he already saw this happening with Bob Dylan...So I then asked a question about this...Ochs got visibly excited and in an amimated fashion extemporized about what had led him to write this song...since it is rather long, I'm providing a link to a page maintained in honor of PHIL OCHS, where you can contemplate the song for yourself...CRUCIFIXION - Lyrics & Chords